(2022) Continued Possession -
Monsters Alphabet 

Monster collection from Artworks / Collages / Animations & NFT. Originally created from paper waste.

(2022) Revolt
Participatory research performance to confront - dissolve and transform. Inspired by psychodrama methods.
(2021) Cumulus Cloud
Acrylic on paper and later digitalised to be compartmentalise and depicted into graphic forms.

(2021) Wet Paper Smells After Two (2) Days
Documentation of experiment session with artist Tomas Eyzaguirre, taking place on the 8th of September 2021 at the White Rectangle [] in Berlin.

(2021) Concrete Upotias - Manifesting new realities
Concrete Utopias explores the intersections of diverse utopian scenarios and the materiality of those.

(-2022) Poster Compilation
Various posters compilation from different projects.

(2021) Die Hasen Stunde Nr.01 (The Hour of the Hare) 
Tomás Eyzaguirre, The Absence of Inhibition

Biannual publication with an experimental approach, featuring cross-disciplinary artists at the early stages of their careers. 

(2020) Good Point 
Good Point agency helps good people tell powerful stories. Concept & Creative direction for key visuals.

(2020) St. Oberholz
Identity refresh and various communication materials for Sankt Oberholz

(2019) Criptocurrency Art Auction 
Exploring the aesthetics of protest to foster the spirit of self-reflexivity, to eradicate indifference and instigate thought process

(2018) Manifesto
Video animation and illustrations. Excerpt from: Valentine de Saint – Point (1912) Manifesto of futurist woman.

Have Some Dignity 🌎️

Maria Helena Toscano is a multidisciplinary award-winner designer. Anything pro-humanity please get in touch. 

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Maria Helena Toscano is an award winner designer with a contemporary art practice based in Berlin.